Herschel Infrarotheizung Fallstudien Ganz Haus Installation

Ganz Haus Installation

Select XL heaters installed and combined with solar PV for a comfortable and sustainable home

"I'd urge anyone undertaking a new-build or refurbishment project to get in touch with Herschel and go for infrared"!


Existing property to be extended and refurbished, including glazing and insulation upgrade, 4kWp solar PV + immersion heating.  The property has solid stone walls and there is 100mm floor and wall insulation + 150mm in the ceiling.


Infrared heaters to replace existing oil-fired boiler, designed with a heat factor of just 25W/m3 (Vs 45W/m3 for convection based heating system):

Bedroom #1 (new) XL-HS850-W Herschel Select XL 850W ceiling-mounted
Bedroom #2 (existing) XL-HS850-W Herschel Select XL 850W ceiling-mounted
Bathroom HS500-M Herschel Select XL Mirror
Landing XL-HS600-W Herschel Select XL 600W ceiling-mounted
Kitchen XL-HS600-W
Dining room XL-HS600-W Herschel Select XL 600W ceiling-mounted
Living room XL-HS600-W Herschel Select XL 600W ceiling-mounted
Ground floor bedroom XL-HS850-W Herschel Select XL 850W ceiling-mounted
Wet room HS500-M Herschel Select XL Mirror
The heaters are controlled using a WH1 controller linked to 6 zones via wall-mounted R1 receivers. The controller is fully programmable and is set-up by default as:

Weekdays: 0500 20°C

0900 16°C

1600 20°C

2300 16°C

Sat & Sun: 0600 20°C

1000 19°C

1600 20°C

2300 16°C


The total heat load for the house is 5.95kW. Infrared has a 5hrs/day x 180 days/year heating season so the running cost of the heating is approx. £750 per year with the 4kWp solar PV system contributing to running costs.  Despite a relatively low air temperature, the thermal mass from infrared ensures the rooms feel cosy and warm.


“I started to plan my home refurbishment in the Summer of 2016. My priorities were comfort and sustainability. The project involved insulating an old, solid stone house, upgrading the glazing, electrics and heating, plus an extension. I visited Andy and was able to see infrared heating panels and solar working together, so decided to go for both.

Although it’s early days, the heating seems very economical to run. The solar contributes to running cost savings and we also use the spare solar electricity to heat water so my home is future-proofed. The whole house is zoned and controlled with Herschel iQ thermostats so I have the heat I like when and where needed. The house is extremely comfortable, and because of the insulation and infrared panels, we operate the system at only 16-18degC air temperature, but still feel warm.

We experienced a range of challenges during the project, but the infrared was the simplest system to integrate with the programme, and the support from the Herschel team was exemplary at all times. The Select XL mirror units, and ceiling mounted panels look great and free up lots of wall space, which really helps in some of the rooms. I also like the zero maintenance of infrared, it’s both hi-tech yet very simple to live with. I’d urge anyone undertaking a new-build or refurbishment project to get in touch with Herschel and go for infrared”!


Die Infrarotheizungen von Herschel sorgen in Ihrem Wohnzimmer nicht nur für angenehme Wärme, sondern auch für ästhetische Werte.


Unsere Kunden lieben es, in einem von Herschel beheizten Badezimmer aus der Dusche zu treten und die Wärme unserer Paneele zu genießen.