Herschel Infrarotheizung Fallstudien Büro Decke

Büro Decke

Customer brief: To heat a long, narrow space effectively.

The heating solution for this office in Southend

The owner of the office space in Southend was looking for a heating solution that kept employees at a suitable temperature all year round. The office was long and narrow with timber beams.


• 4 x 2.4 kW Herschel Pulsar heaters were recommended
• A ceiling-mounted solution is ideal providing adequate spread horizontally to ensure no gaps in the heating of the desk space underneath
• A wall-mounted solution would have needed more heaters to provide adequate heat.


  • All wall space left available for filing cabinets
  • A wall-mounted solution would have been less energy efficient in this area as the window is opposite
  • Infrared helps eliminate damp & condensation in a room with timber beams and timber itself is a great radiating surface.


Herschel Far Infrared can be subtly placed within your office environment or add to the decor whilst keeping the work environment and employees comfortable warm.